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Are you ready for a new book friend? You will fall in love with Nate Haddic - a playboy who wakes up married to his best friend, Samantha Nollins. Do you think they can make it work? See blurb and link below:

A vacation in Las Vegas with friends was going to be nothing but a good time.

When two of Samantha Nollins friends surprised everyone that they eloped, she was ready to party. After all, she was known to celebrate at all times, along with her bestie Nate Haddic. However, when they wake up the next day, their two friends weren’t the only ones who eloped!

Samantha and Nate immediately go to the court house, only to be told they need to wait ninety-days and try to make their marriage work.

There was nothing worse than two players who had to settle down. In order to keep their friendship intact, they created rules – which seemed easy enough.

First rule, no sex. This was a bummer, but there was no way they were cheating on each other, even if the wedding was fake.

Second, they had to visit each other more, which was no sweat of their backs.

Third, they couldn’t tell anyone. This was mainly because it was only ninety-days, why get anyone else involved?

Fourth was more because of the court order, but they had to take pictures of them together. This way, they could show the judge they tried, but it didn’t work.

Lastly, the most important role, was no falling for each other.

But, what happens if the lines start to blur?

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